The web makes selecting a payday loan easier today. Why? Just a few clicks are enough to view many proposals and compare their qualities. Using the Government Agency loan simulation, for example, we can know what the repayment commitments will be. What tools to use and how they work? We come to the answers.

Operations for online calculation of payday loans ex Government Agency

Operations for online calculation of loans ex Government Agency

The online calculation provided by Social Institute regards the loans disbursed by the same social security institution. In particular, the simulation of Government Agency loans concerns the credit lines pertaining to the public of those registered for the unitary management of credit and social benefits.

The direct Government Agency loans that can be processed are the Small Loan and the Multi-year Direct Loan. How to reach the calculation service?

The functionality that allows you to run the simulation is “Public employee management: simulation of small loans and long-term loans calculation “. The system implemented by the social security institution requires the user to enter personal data: from those relating to income to the figures that would be requested.

After the information has been provided and the calculation has been started, it will be possible to view, in a concise and clear way, many repayment details.

It is also an opportunity to verify, in numbers in hand, the advantages provided by the single credit line.

The Government Agency loan simulation is freely accessible, the user must not have registered on the website of the pension institution.

The proposals for civil servants and retirees

The proposals for civil servants and retirees

The Small Payday Loan as the Direct Multi-year are two direct ex Government Agency loans: they are therefore provided by the Institute (Social Institute) which manages the disbursement in compliance with the criteria defined by the respective regulations.

The questions accepted are those of those registered for the unitary management of credit and social benefits. In terms of interest rates, there is a precise distinction: the small payday loan has a TAN of 4.25%, the multi-year 3.50%.

There are also marked differences in terms of duration: the small payday loan goes from 12 to 48 months, the multi-year has a repayment plan of five or ten years.